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    Javier Perez Law is a Dallas-based law firm specializing in employment law and personal injury law, founded to provide highly skilled representation directly to people in the language they speak.

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    We know you work hard to provide for your family.
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    Javier Perez Law is committed to restoring the dignity of people and advancing equality in our communities. We do this critical work one client at a time.

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Attorney Javier Perez

Attorney Javier Perez is Board Certified in Labor & Employment Law and has represented hundreds of clients in all types of employment matters. Whether you swing a hammer, teach in a classroom, or hold court in a board room, Javier Perez Law takes great pride in providing excellent legal representation to all of its clients. 

Employment law can be complex, but Javier Perez Law has helped clients navigate a wide range of workplace issues through a thorough understanding of the law and strategizing solutions that are both creative and practical.

Javier Perez Law has extensive experience in all areas of employment law and will work hard to help you achieve the best possible results in your case. 


Over the years and client by client, attorney Javier Perez has fought for and recovered millions of dollars for hard-working people in the community. Javier is dedicated to standing up for those in need and has done so successfully against some of the largest and most powerful employers in the world.  Javier Perez Law values the power of the courts to level the playing field and knows how to put them to work for clients and the community.


Workplace issues and disputes can be extremely difficult financially and personally. Javier Perez Law can help you assess your situation, come up with a strategy, and if necessary, the firm is ready to litigate against employers big and small. Javier Perez Law can help you decide which course of action will serve your best interests. 

Javier Perez is also Of Counsel at Crain Brogdon, LLP and is proud to provide his clients with the experience and reputation of one of the best catastrophic injury law firms in the country and the specialization in both employment and catastrophic injury law. 


  • He will defend you when you think that no one can help

    Mr. Perez is not only very knowledgeable and smart, but he also cares about the people he defends. He is very dedicated and always puts the client's interests first. I would recommend him without a doubt to anyone who is having employment problems. He will defend you when you think that no one ca... Read On

  • Muchas Gracias

    Muchas gracias y que Dios se lo page le agradezco mucho su trabajo. EN: Thank you very much and may God reward you I appreciate you and your work very much. Read On

  • Attorney Perez GETS THE JOB DONE!!!!!!

    He is compassionate, honest, driven and ethical. He protected me and understood what I was going through. He represented me in a time when I was uncertain about a multitude of things, but certain about ONE! He believed in my case and ME. I trusted Attorney Perez and he didn't let me down. He foug... Read On

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