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Gender Discrimination

The struggle for gender equality has been part of our country's history and the effects of that struggle continue to be reflected in the workplace to this day.  But there are legal protections you can use and a skilled Board Certified employment discrimination attorney can put them to work for you.

What is the law?

Several state and federal laws protect employees against gender discrimination.  Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Pay Act, and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act all provide important protections for employees against discrimination because of their sex or gender. 

Title VII, and its Texas counterpart – the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act – prohibit employers from making hiring, firing, or other important workplace decisions based on an employee's gender.  This protects employees of any gender.

Gender discrimination can take many forms, including discrimination in hiring, termination, promotion, pay or other compensation.  This includes employment decisions based on stereotypes and assumptions about employee's abilities, traits, or performance on the basis of sex. 

Proving Gender Discrimination


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